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Carpet Cleaning Products Cleveland, Ohio.

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Carpet Cleaning Chemicals

Chemspec Dry Fabric Cleaner

Dry Fabric Cleaner used for hand cleaning upholstery

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Chemspec P.O.G.

Safely removes paint, oil, grease, tar and more

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CFR Perform-All

Highly concentrated, neutral pH, water based cleaner

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 CFR A Excell

Acidic cleaner for natural or very delicate fibers

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CFR Reclaim

Powerful water based cleaner designed for the toughest jobs

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CFR Super Solv

Solvent based spotter/cleaner

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DSC Fibre-Tec

A fluorocarbon, water based stain and soil repellent that protects carpets against stains

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DSC Krush

Contains the extract d’Limonene and thus is an excellent cleaner for grease and oil

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Newport Xtract

Highly concentrated detergent with optical brightners

Newport Solutions Brand

Newport Grease Relief

Powerful pre-spray designed for use with organic stains, such as body oils and food stains

Newport Solutions Brand

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