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ProTeam ProForce 1500xp Hepa

The ProForce® 1500XP is designed specifically to provide exceptional cleaning. Premium quality on-board tools and high-performance dual motor system offers convenience and durability for optimal efficiency and maximum effectiveness now with HEPA Level Filtration.


Warranty: Carries an unmatched 3/3/3/3 warranty - 3 years on parts, labor, motor and molded body parts. Some exceptions apply to high frequency wear items such as electrical and molded body parts.


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Backpack Vacuum

ProTeam Super Coach Pro 6

The next generation in cleaning comfort. Ergonomic backpack design with patent pending FlexFit™ articulating harness increases range of motion, reduces fatigue, and improves productivity. New triangular shape fits closer to the body and moves with the user, reducing the chance of bumping into doorways, walls, or furniture. The die-cast aluminum tri-latch system assures air performance. Four Level Filtration w/HEPA captures 99.97 percent of particulates 0.3 microns or larger, including fine carbon dust from the motor, for improved IAQ. Due to the angle of rear exhaust filters, the unit will not disturb papers on desks as it passes


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Wet Dry Vacuum

Nacecare PVR390

• Powerful 1.6 Hp vacuum motor with 2 year warranty providing excellent dry soil or water recovery

• Motor provides 110" waterlift and 95 CFM of airflow

• Excellent 0.5 micron filtration at 98.60 % efficiency for improved Indoor Air Quality

• Ball float wet shut-off assembly ensures water does not reach the motor and vapour barriers can be added to eliminate moisture completely

• Structural foam tank comes complete with a 10 year warranty

• Structural foam head material is rustproof and durable with a 10-year warranty against defects

• Dump tube that permits quick and convenient emptying to a floor drain

• Unique tip and pour system allows the tank to be emptied even when a floor drain is not present

• For wide area cleaning can be fitted with a 29" front mounted squeegee kit


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Mosquito 16 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum w/ 27”


•Accordion stretch hose eliminates the need to carry an extra hose.

•Expands as you need it and instantly retracts when you hold your hand over the end.

•Noise diffusing exhaust manifold

•Ribbed polyurethane squeegee blades

•Automatic vacuum shut-off

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Canister Vacuum

Nacecare PVR390

AUTOSAVE feature automatically starts the vacuum on low speed

•  Powerful 1.6 Hp vacuum motor with 3 year warranty for excellent soil recovery and longer carpet life

•  Motor provides 110" waterlift and 114 CFM of airflow

•  Excellent 0.3 micron filtration at 99.97 % efficiency for improved Indoor Air Quality

•  Manual crank rewind for power cord storage and protection

•  Telescoping handle makes the PVR390 compact for storage

•  Polypropylene tanks for maximum durability and mobility

•  On-board storage for more than just vacuum tools

•  Built in wand holder makes transporting the machine easy

•  Thermal Overload for long term motor protection

•  Stainless steel wand and multiple tools available

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Battery Sweeper

IPC Eagle SmartVac 464 Sweeper

The Smart Vac™ 464 is in a category all of its own and will change how floor surfaces are maintained.

The battery operated Smart Vac™ 464 will vacuum carpet and sweep floors at incredible productivity rates, automatically adjusting to any surface, and even cleans its own filter. Throw away your old uprights and see a return on investment in as little as a few months.


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IPC Eagle

Scrubbers / Buffers

HOS Orbot SprayBorg

The Orbot differs from traditional cleaners in the way it is engineered to liberate and absorb dirt and soil. It makes use of Orbital Drive Technology, which causes the precise amount of agitation required to remove soil from almost any surface.

The Orbot is exceptionally flexible and can clean a multitude of surfaces.


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NaceCare TT 516 compact scrubber

The TT 516 is the professional choice in compact auto-scrubbers. It gets into all those tight areas that other auto-scrubbers cannot. Essentially, it is a complete replacement for a mop and bucket system for so many reasons.

Key Features

• Pivoting squeegee coupled with a 300 watt/0.4 hp vacuum motor provides excellent water recovery

• 0.5 hp / 400 watt brush motor

• Recovery tank has a drain allowing for easy draining without the need for lifting

• Simple control panel for easier operation

• Fits into the trunk of a car

• 65’ power cord for increased productivity

Also available with battery


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Auto Scrubber

i20NBT is a self-propelled unit designed specifically for professionals like cleaning contractors. We know a busy schedule can mean that doing a job with speed is often as important as doing it well. That’s why the i20NBT has an oversized tank capacity of 15gal, up to 99lb of pad pressure, and parts made of die-cast aluminum and steel. This machine is durable, efficient, and easy to transport.

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Auto Scrubber

The i18B is a brush assisted, easy-to-operate battery auto scrubber. Because of its compact design, the scrubber is perfect for small commercial settings with tight spaces. There are no belts to wear out or adjust because the i18B is built with a gear-driven brush motor. The i18B features a new noise-reducing design and uses the same high-quality parts and components that make all ICE products so efficient.

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Carpet Extractors

Kleenrite M.A.C

Meet M.A.C. This new 'walk behind' is ready to be "Your New Two Man Crew" as it easily cleans large areas of carpet and hard surfaces with only one operator.


M.A.C. glides effortlessly cleaning forward, backward, and close to walls


• Self-Contained Cleaning for Carpet or Hard Floors

• 50% More Productivity with One Operator

• 650 Passes Per Minute Cleaning All Sides of the Carpet Fiber

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EDIC Galaxy Box Extractor 2000 JX-HR

Our exclusive line-up of Galaxy™ carpet extractors now come "heat-ready." You can purchase any Galaxy™ without heat and if you change your mind, no problem. Simply order our external heater and away you go. Placing the heater on the outside also insures that everything on the inside of the machine runs cooler, extending the life of the vacuum and pump motors. The stainless steel heater tank is guaranteed for life. If a repair is necessary, simply lift the heater off the back of the machine. Meanwhile, you can continue to use the unit without heat! Comes complete with 50' detachable power cord.


Warranty : 2 years on parts & labor, lifetime on rotationally-molded housing.


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Mosquito EXTRACTOR-220

12 Gallon | 220psi Extractor | 2000 Watt Heater | 2 Cord | Dual Motors in Parallel

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Mosquito 3-SPOTTER

170 PSI

Innovative, powerful, clever. Its what we hear about our new 3-gallon spotter. Designed with simplicity and durability in mind and performance only found on large extraction equipment. Options of standard or super vacuum motors, 201 degree stainless steel in-line heater, 55, 120 and 170psi solution pumps leave this spotter clearly in a category of its own. Now add the industrys first Noise Diffusing Exhaust Manifold and a new definition of clever is an understatement.

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Floor Grinders, Burnisher

DURASHINE Floor Grinder, Polisher & Burnisher


The DuraShine propane-powered machine runs as a light grinder, floor polisher, and burnisher all in one; significantly boosting productivity while producing superior, high gloss, floors. DuraFlex Plate and floating shroud, both patent pending, provide unmatched performance on the waviest of floors. The shroud provides superior dust and slurry containment keeping the air quality safe and job site clean. The drive and shroud are easily changeable to accommodate polishing widths from 17” to 27”. DuraShine™ will conquer the largest and smallest jobs.


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iP20 Floor Machine Burnisher

The modern features, 5-year motor warranty, and value pricing of the iP20 low-speed floor machine make it the best buy on the market. The iP20 floor machine features a pad/brush speed of 175 rpm, a 20″ deck, and a 19″ pad driver. The 1.5 hp motor, triple planetary steel gear box, and die-casted aluminum motor deck make it a proven daily-usage performer. Safe operation is built-in with a handle-mounted circuit breaker, a safety lock-out switch, and 50′ yellow power cord. A large 5-gallon solution tank is an available option.

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The iB1500 floor burnisher provides 1.5 hp of power and performance to restore floors to their original shine. The pad rotates at a consistent 1500 rpm to produce a beautiful high-gloss finish to create an aesthetic commercial environment. An adjustable handle and a safety lock-out switch provides comfortable and safe operation.

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