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We carry a complete line of Janitorial Supplies, Products and Equipment. We have listed some of our inventory. Since our Product line is so vast, we have included links to our suppliers so you can view all the products we carry.


Contact us by phone or email and we help you one on one to make sure you have the right products at a competitive price. We believe in providing you personal one on one service that sets us apart from the competition.

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Microfiber Towels


High quality 16x16 microfiber towels in various colors for coding the task at hand. May be laundered 500 times

ACA Microfiber Towels


Cleaning Pads


Pads for cleaning, buffing scrubbing, and stripping

Newport pads

Diamond Pads

for Polishing


Versatile diamond pads can be used to polish granite, marble, terrazon, concrete and more

Newport Diamond pads

Microfiber Pads



Versatile microfiber floor pads/bonnets for carpet cleaning or hard surface cleaning, polishing

Microfiber floor pads/bonnets

Sand Screen Pads



Can be used to strip floors in some cases and also used for refinishing wood floors

Newport sand screen pads

Malish Brushes

Malish Rotary Brushes

Malish Brushes are the industry standard in quality and longevity.  They come in a variety of types and styles for all cleaning needs.

Malish Corp

Malish Diamabrush Rotary Brushes

Malish diamabrush system is designed for polishing concrete

Malish Corp

Window Cleaning Equipment

Unger Window Cleaning Equipment

Unger window cleaning tools

Unger Products

Hydro Tube Window Cleaning Equipment

The ultimate in window cleaning system without chemicals. Reach up multiple story building with ease.

IPC Eagle Hydro Tube


Hudson Pump Sprayers

Heavy duty pump up sprayer

Hudson sprayer

Hudson Never Pump Sprayers

10 hour run time! 4 gallon battery sprayer complete with charger and extra spray nozzles

Hudson Never Pump Sprayer

Floor Mats

Andersen Floor Mats

Highest quality floor mat brand, great longevity

Andersen Mats

Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper / Tissue

Baywest Ecosoft Toilet Tissue 2 ply high quality

Toilet Tissue



Opticore Toilet Paper / Tissue dispenser

This dispenser holds three rolls of tissue to ensure no unused or wasted tissue

Opticore Toilet Tissue Dispenser

Paper Hand Towels

Dispenser Paper Hand Towels

6 rolls at 800 feet per roll of quality hand towel. Fits and refills  EnMotion paper hand dispenser

Newport Cut-n-dry paper hand towels

EnMotion Paper Hand Towel Dispenser

The industry standard in hands free towel dispensing

Georgia Pacific EnMotion Dispenser

Hand Driers

Eco Storm Hand Drier

Dries Hands with powerful yet efficient effectiveness all while being green.

EcoStorm Hand Dryer

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